Meditation Therapy

Meditation Therapy/Instruction

Sitting Meditation

In meditation we are trying to quiet the mind and detach ourselves from our everyday thoughts and emotions. By sitting still we can feel a greater relaxation. Even if we don’t stop our thoughts completely, by sitting quietly, we can begin to feel more relaxed.  Simply focusing on our breathing helps alleviate symptoms of stress.

However, if we can develop our practice of meditation it can offer more than just relaxation. Meditation allows us to identify with our inner self and thus not be subject to our usual myriad of never ending thoughts. Instead we will feel an expansion in our consciousness.  We will feel inner peace and inner joy. The unusual feature of this kind of happiness is that it does not depend upon outer circumstances; this happiness and peace is self-generated.  It comes from our own souls.

True inner joy is self – created.
It does not depend on outer circumstances.      Sri Chinmoy

Labyrinth Walking Meditation

Walking the labyrinth is another classic form of meditation.  It works for stress relief.  Labyrinth meditation can help focus our minds in the present and relieve self-inflicted stress.  It can help us redirect our thoughts and attention to our inner truth.  Labyrinth therapy can be simple and peaceful, like a gentle journey into the essence of one’s being.

Intuitive Way Mayo Clinic on Meditation Health Care and Labyrinths


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